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[Fancam] 120730 Siwon & Tiffany - Suvarnabhumi Airport
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany at Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 SNSD Tiffany & SJ Siwon @ Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany & Siwon at Bangkok Airport [jankonized] 
120730 : Fancam Tiffany @ Suvannaphumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany Snsd at Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 SNSD Tiffany @ Suwannabhumi Airport
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany SNSD @ Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[fancam] 120730 Siwon & Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport by Sone Subs 
120730 Tiffany@Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany & Siwon @ Suvarnabhum Airport 
120730 Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[FANCAM] 120730 Tiffany @ Suwannabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 - Tiffany in Airport
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany SNSD @ Suvarnabhumi Airport by PKiizz 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport ชัดๆ 
[FANCAM] 120730 Siwon Tiffany @Suvarnabhumi airport 
[Fancam] 120730 SNSD Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi airport 
120730 SNSD Tiffany at Suvarnabumi Airport 
120730 Siwon - Tiffany Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Siwon & Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport
120730 Siwon Tiffany at Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany & Siwon @ Bangkok Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany SNSD @ Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany & Siwon at Bangkok Airport [jankonized] reup
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany SNSD - Fany ah! @ Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120730 SNSD Tiffany @ Suvarnabhumi airport
[fancam] 120730-Tiffany Suvarnabhumi Airport
[Fancam] 120730 Tiffany in the van 
[Fancam] 120730 Siwon & Tiffany - Suvarnabhumi Airport
[Fancam] 120730 Siwon & Tiffany - Suvarnabhumi Airport
120730 Siwon Tiffany at Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand 
120729 Tiffany & Siwon with chaos at Suvarnabhumi Airport 
[Fancam] 120729 - SNSD Tiffany in Suvarnabhumi

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120729 Airport 

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When SM staff signaled TTS to quickly end the fan meeting, Taeyeon said to SONE “Go home early ok?” 
SONE said ” Noooooooooooo~~”
Then Taeyeon turned to the SM staff and whispered “It is ok. Let them stay longer.” -Taeng is too nice-

Question regarding Paparazzi - Japanese language must be not improving and next week has Music Station, what to do?
Fany laughed and said “You guys do not have to worry because there is still Sooyoung.”
Taeyeon asked “How is the shooting of Paparazzi?”
SONE said “Very beautiful~!”
Taeyeon said “We kind of shoot it very rushing in the morning.”
Then Fany said “Watching the way Taeyeon shoots Paparazzi makes me feel that she is a foreigner ᄏᄏᄏ”
Fany tried to express in a more praising way but ended up messing it. Taeyeon watching her struggling and said teasingly “Just express it in English because this friend here is an American^^” -laughs-

Question - What other style do you want to explore?
Taeyeon said “…..trot? ᄏᄏᄏ” 
Everyone laughed.

Question - Recently learned instrument?
In twinkle, there is a part of guitar playing but their nails will be damaged so they stopped. Then they added that in fact they could not play well no matter how they practiced. -lol-
Taeyeon said “A fan gave her a recorded video that teaches on how to play guitar codes but in that video, the fan is too nervous. The fan using a very nervous voice ‘This. is. how. you. play. G code.’ (Taeyeon imitated the fan in the video and laughed)”

Question - Do you like sports?
Fany said “I super hate exercising and including walking using the stairs. But I like watching sports.”
Taeyeon said “Because Kim Yuna will appear, so I watch figure skating. I like watching football and swimming too.”

Question - What games do you play?
Fany said “Candy…” (It is one of those very cute small app games).
Taeyeon said “I played Winning.” (seems like World Soccer Winning Eleven).
Everyone reacted in a shocked expression. 
Taeyeon thought she pronounced the game’s name wrongly “Is it not called Winning?” -lol, Taeng plays soccer!-

Question - The recent roommate arrangement
Each member has different and sometimes too many schedules. From that point onwards, fixed roommate arrangement does not exist. When one member leaves, another will return so they could not see each other that frequently.
Fany said “My own luggage is too many. I felt that I am living with luggage.”
Seohyun said “Jessica will stay in a room that requires only 1 minute of travel, so we are neighbours.”

Both TaeNy said because Sooyoung’s family has cute puppies so they visit and play often with the puppies.

Question - Who has the most aegyo?
Taeyeon said “Actually I admit I do have aegyos ᄏᄏᄏᄏ”

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1. After Fany was finished with her Rolling in the Deep performance, nobody was coming up on stage to join her and she felt a little awkward kekekeke, so she sat on one of the chairs that the staff put out, and said, “This is Tiffany’s Sketchbook >_<” It was so cute keke T__T

2. Taeyeon forgot to bring her mic with her while coming up on stage, so when saying “Hello, we are SNSD!”, Taeng sat in the middle and shared the mic with Seohyun and Fany. keke. So Yoo Heeyeol politely got a mic for her himself haha

3. Seohyun had a heart sticker on her cheek kekeke. When she was asked why she had the sticker, she said because they were on Sketchbook, she would make her face a sketchbook! keke Fany added that because she used to put star stickers below her eye, Seohyun was being a leading trendsetter by putting the heart on her cheek keke

4. Taeyeon was introducing the song Take A Bow, and Yoo Heeyeol [YHY] suddenly said, “I like it~”, so the girls burst out in laughter, keke. He said, even if Taeyeon were to do a tradition Korean narrative song, he would probably enjoy it, keke. When Seohyun said she sang Jack, he said it was his favourite song keke (YHY was really funny that day..)

5. When they were younger, Taengoo liked to sing and dance haha. Then Fany began praising Taeyeon, saying that she was born with a gift of singing. That part was aired, but what was edited out was Fany saying that  she was thankful to Taeyeon for popping out her high notes without going off-pitch during morning rehearsals of The Boys. keke

6. Seohyun said she was coincidentally seen and casted while on the subway when she was 12 years old. The woman who casted her kept following her on the subway, and even chased her down while walking up the stairs, and asked Seohyun to give her a call. When she was younger, she never really dreamed of being a singer, but she had a lot of interest in music because of the piano. When she was talking, Taeyeon asked, “Didn’t you have long straight hair back then?” and Seohyun said, “Did… I?”, and I don’t think she remembered well kekekekeke

7. Fany said when she was 15 years old, she went to audition for a festival while in the States, and got casted for SM. She didn’t make the auditions for the festival but instead got many business cards for entertainment companies. haha So of course, she chose to go with SM! (Then she talked about BoA). She said she lived in Diamond Bar near LA, and YHY said, “Oh, that famous bar~” kekekeke then the girls laughed again keke T__T

8. Fany said she thought she was good at Korean, but when she came to Korea, her Korean was poor, she couldn’t express her self, and couldn’t read well………………………for more

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1.Earlier, fany was sitting down and her hair pin fell on the floor. She got shocked cause she thought it was a bug that fell from her hair ㅋ

2. When a yuri biased fan hugged taeyeon, taeyeon was in the midst of giving a handshake but ended up hugging too.

3. Taeyeon said she was jealous seeing other celebrities talking to their fans on twitter and because the fans oppose the girls getting twitter, fany said they will write often in the sm snsd homepage

4. Taeyeon really wants to do a concert

5. Taeyeon boasted that she can park the best ㅋ taeyeon shouted that when she parks, she shines. Fany doesn’t have a drivers license ㅋ

6. fans requested the girls to sing the banana song when it’s their 5th anniversary. fany unnie said they’ll do it in a future concert ㅋㅋ she said she definitely wants to show it ㅋㅋ wearing goggles and overalls ㅋㅋ

7. Out of all the members, sooyoung is the worst at driving ㅋ

8. Apparently, sunny is a crybaby.. And seohyun is the most stubborn.. ㅋㅋ taeyeon is really good at parking ㅋㅋ yuri’s car is always crooked ㅋㅋㅋ

9. A ksone asked “who wakes you up?” Taeyeon answered the question saying fany’s morning call is the banana song ㅋㅋ & she said its really loudㅋ

10. Fany said when she sings and when she wears pink clothes, she twinkles ……………….for more.

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